FSTO Supports and Stands in Solidarity with Those Affected by Racial Injustices

Fullerton Secondary Teachers Organization (FSTO) stands in solidarity with our members, our students, our families, and our communities that have been affected by and have experienced racial injustices. Recent events have shone a light on the fact that racism continues to exist in present day systems and structures. We are outraged by the racism rooted in the legacy of slavery, segregation, and discrimination that continues to terrorize our communities of color.

FSTO is committed to educate our members, students, families, and communities about racism, oppression, and violence. In education, it is our job to address the historical oppression and misrepresentation of people of color. Since many of our students and their families are from diverse backgrounds, we recognize that it is our responsibility as educators to acknowledge the historic traumas that they have faced due to systematic racism. We can and must do more to facilitate conversations about culture and race that shed a light on discriminatory practices. FSTO is committed to confronting racism in order to gain awareness of any unconscious biases and broaden our perspective of others’ lives and experiences.

FSTO stands in solidarity with communities of color across our country affected by racial violence and oppression. We believe that Black lives matter​.​ We value the humanity and dignity of every individual in our society. We support those who speak out against racism, oppression, and violence. With fidelity, we vow to do our part to honor racial equity and to promote opportunity by facilitating future dialogue and action​s​ centered on equity and access in education in every school in our community.

For more information, visit our website (​www.myfsto.org​), follow us on social media (@FullertonSTO), or join the FSTO Ethnic Minority Committee.